Washington State Deaf Senior Citizens, Inc.

Washington State Deaf Senior Citizens, Inc. serves as an advocate for Deaf seniors by providing information and education programs designed to enhance their physical, economic and social well-being, and promote the common interests of Deaf seniors, over the age of 50 years old years old, without regard to race, religion, sex, disability or nationality in Washington State to achieve accessibility in the public services and advocating their civil rights.

Deaf Seniors of America’s 15th Biennial Conference
Seattle, WA | September 2 – 8, 2019

Click to go to DSA2019Seattle.org website. This conference will open with a Welcome ceremony to start off with various informational and educational workshops related to Deaf seniors’ issues and concerns, including round-table discussions, exhibits, Art Show by Deaf artists, closing with a Gala evening entertainment with Deaf performers and much more to be forth-coming.

Click to go to DSA2019Seattle.org

We don’t want YOU to miss all the FUN!

Visit DSA2019Seattle.org between January 1st & December 31, 2018
to receive the early bird price of $320.

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