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In November 2014,  WSDSC formed to work together with Deaf Seniors of America (DSA) and other state organizations to make a better life for our seniors.WSDSC is a nonprofit organization, which serves as an advocate for the Deaf seniors by providing information and education programs designed to enhance their physical, economic and social well-being, and promote the common interests of Deaf seniors.

Deaf senior citizens in the state of Washington receive the best possible communication access and benefits of any and all means of health, education and social support enriching their golden years. Officers and Regional Representatives meet with members at the Annual General Meeting twice a year. Meeting places are arranged in various cities throughout Washington in order to meet and socialize with members unable to travel far from their town. Workshops, activities and special events are planned and announced through our newsletters, emailed to members frequently throughout the year. Anyone who is 50 years of age or over is invited to become a member of WSDSC for only $20 for 2 years. Financial support or donations are

tax-exempted as defined by IRS.

WSDSC wants you to join WSDSC supports all Deaf senior citizens who is Deaf, Hard of Hearing, late-deafened, or Deaf-Blind.

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