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WSDSC History

A few Deaf Seniors were interested in establishing an organization named Washington State Deaf Senior Citizens (WSDSC). An idea surfaced from realizing there were thirty Deaf Seniors organizations in states across the nation that had already been established. Of those among the thirty organizations are North Texas Deaf Seniors and Maryland Deaf Senior Citizens, Inc.

The members of the Ad Hoc Committee – Mike Gough, Acting President; Ellen Scheppach, Acting Vice President; Connie Gough, Acting Secretary, and Van Scheppach, Agent/Acting Treasurer – decided to band together and establish a non-profit organization for Deaf Seniors who are 50+ and reside in the State of Washington. They developed by-laws to suit Deaf Senior Washingtonians. As of November 4, 2014, WSDSC was enacted.

Goals for WSDSC are as follows:

  • Meet in the spring of 2015 to elect first official officers of WSDSC
  • Do up quarterly newsletters
  • Create a website
  • Set up town hall meetings in six regions across the state
  • Form committees for social/fundraising activities

Set-up Workshops

On April 18, 2015, first ever officers elected to the board are: Lilly Bender, President; Lucinda McNeely, Vice-President; Connie Gough, Secretary; and Van Scheppach, Treasurer. Ellen Scheppach is Editor of eNews.

WSDSC has successfully been established! Its first of a kind in Washington!

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