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Conference Management Team “Flashback” memories of our Retreat at Ocean Park


Conference Management Team, Chairs wanted to say thank you for all of our WSDSC members for attended our March, retreat. Enjoy viewing this slideshow. Photos credited to RaeVern Dumond, Linda Reaves-Randall and Van Scheppach..

Conference Management Team “Flashback” memories of our Retreat at Ocean Park2018-06-24T20:01:06+00:00

Signature Quilt Project!


Many people have signed the squares, at $10 each, which will become a part of our Deaf History..proof that you were here!

There’s still a few squares left (28).. so if you want to get your name on one, please contact me and we’ll try to arrange to get together so you can sign one.

Remember, this Signature Quilt will be our banner at the upcoming DSA 2019 Seattle Conference and you want to proudly see your name up there!

Sally Taylor, Fundraising Chair

» Email Sally Taylor

Signature Quilt Project!2018-06-10T12:23:48+00:00

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