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Officers & Regional Representatives

Officers and Regional Representatives meet with members at the Annual General Meeting twice a year. Meeting places are arranged in various cities throughout Washington in order to meet and socialize with members unable to travel far from their town.

Lilly Bender

Lilly Bender – President
Kent, WA

Connie Gough

Connie Gough – Secretary
Ferndale, WA

Van Scheppach

Van Scheppach – Treasurer
Vancouver, WA

Ellen Scheppach

Ellen Scheppach – Editor E- News
Vancouver, WA

Region Representatives

Cindy McNeely
Northwest Region Representative

Debra Ho-Lamus
Tacoma / Brementon / Northwest Coast Region

Tacoma, WA

Susan Izak
Seattle / Puget Sound Island Region

Seattle, WA

Belinda McNabb
Southeast Region Pasco/Richland

Richland, WA

Char Parsely
Northeast Region

Spokane, WA

Rusty Wales
Southwest / Southwest Coast Region

Camas, WA

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